Pupil Parliament

Offenham CE First School

Pupil Parliament 2019 – 2020

Pupil Parliament Prime Minister - Shay
Pupil Parliament Deputy Prime ministers with responsibility for CREW and to include student well-being - Peter and Erin
Sports Minister - Ayden
Arts Ministers - Finley and Lucy
Charities Minister - William
Eco Minister - Daniel


ECO - Connie, Finley and Ruby-May and Daniel
CREW - Finley, Lucy, Aaron, Ella, Peter and Erin
Sports - Erin, Lucy, Connie, Shay, Ashly, Ruby-May, Kate, Gethin and Ayden
Arts - Aaron, Kate, Ayden, Farid, Ella and Ashly, Lucy and Finley
Charities - Connie, Ruby-May, Farid, Daniel, Finley and William