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Roles and Responsibilities

The Governing Body oversee the work of the school with the Headteacher and Senior Leadership team taking day-to day responsibility for the running of the school. The Governing Body is made up of parent, staff, local authority, foundation governors and co-opted representatives.
School governors have a wide range of responsibilities. They support the Headteacher in leading the school and act as a 'critical friend'. They also have a strategic role in setting aims and objectives, agreeing targets, budgets, policies and priorities and monitoring effectiveness. The Governing Body also evaluates the school's performance through results and data, outside agency reports and the School Improvement Plan.
The Governing Body reviews its own performance on an annual basis and has its own plan for improvement as part of the School Improvement Plan.
Governors monitor Safeguarding and the Single Central Record on a regular basis and also visit the school frequently, talking to pupils and staff.

Our School Governors

The different categories of governors on our governing body are:

  • Foundation governors can be nominated and serve in different ways - Ex Officio, Bishop’s Appointed, DBE representing the Diocesan Board of Education, PCC representing the Parochial Church Council, joint DBE and PCC, Benefice or Trustee.
  • Parent governors who have a child in school at the time of their election, and are elected by the parents with children at the school;
  • Staff governors who are members of staff at the school and are elected by their colleagues;
  • Co-opted governors are appointed on to the governing body by the other members because they come from a specialist group, such as the business community or because they possess a particular skill which can contribute to the effective governance and success of the school;
  • The Headteacher (HT) is also a member of the governing body by right of the position they hold in the school;
  • Associate members are not actually governors but can be appointed to serve on committees and attend meetings of the full governing body. They do not have the right to vote at meetings of the full governing body but may been given voting rights on the committees that they are a member of, but these rights can only be given by the governing body.

The different committees our governing body has are:

  • Standards and progress - looks at progress, data and standards of work across the curriculum.
  • Resourcing - responsible for all aspects of Human Resources, Financial Management of the school and Buildings and Grounds
  • Safeguarding and Well-being– responsible for making sure safeguarding is secure across the school, focuses on the health and safety of all our staff and children and ensuring our christian vision is sewn throughout the fabric of our school.
  • There are also separate disciplinary, appeals, pay and Headteacher review committees which are convened when they are required.

Each year group has a named governor.