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Pupil-led assemblies

Each Tuesday, Esta and Isaac, our SMSC ministers lead a 'Jack out of the box' assembly with the Reception children. They independently plan, prepare and deliver this Collective Worship session. Esta, Isaac and the Reception children love their times together - Mr Blenkinsop also enjoys them too!

We have assembly angels who take responsibility for different aspects of our worship times together. We have children who support the younger classes during assembly, those who prepare the hall for worship and those who organise children each day to lead our opening prayer, light the candles, act as cantors for our Peruvian Gloria, act as collect readers and speak words of dismissal and blessing at the end our time together.

Darcey gives us a tip for each day in her capacity as Sports, Health and Well-being minister. She uses ideas from Action for Happiness to do this. Follow the link below to get an idea of the things she encourages us to do.

Darcey invited her Dad and their dog into school on the 20th November. Her dog is a trained 'well-being' dog for the Police Force. Her dog is called Freya, but her work name is - 'OK9'.  Darcey created a powerpoint for our special assembly. You will find it below.