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Pupil Parliament

Pupil Parliament 2023 - 2024

Pupil Parliament Prime Minister – this person is a figure head for the school and motivates all other Ministers in their roles. The Prime Minister will be asked to take part in public events and will speak at Open Mornings, at the Parish Council meeting and during assemblies and special events. The Prime minister will be motivated and organised and enjoy working alongside Mrs Nicol to bring about changes for the better at school.

The Deputy Prime Minister will support the work of the Prime Minister and will deputise when the Prime Minister is not available.

The Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister will share responsibility for attending all ministry meetings.

ECO and Charities Minister – this person will be passionate about our planet and our environment and will be concerned about how we, as a school can make small changes that will impact the lives of all of us. They will be the lead ‘Courageous Advocate’ for our planet at school. This person will also suggest and organise charity events with the support of staff so that we can truly understand the phrase – ‘Who is my neighbour’ - and become ‘Courageous Advocates’ for justice and fairness for everyone, both here in the UK and further afield. This person will work closely with Mrs Daniels, Mrs Steward, Mrs Roden, Mrs Blackbrough and Mrs Bindley.

Sports, health and well-being Minister – this person will be passionate about making sport a priority but also about the role that physical activity has on our mental health and well-being. The sports, health and well-being minister will work closely with Miss Ree and Mr Blenkinsop as well as liaising with Pete our Pastoral worker.

SMSC Minister (Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural) – this person will be involved in assemblies, promoting our school vision and our link with the church and our community – thinking about how we can strengthen established links and make new ones. This person will also take a lead in art, music and drama across school and work to find new and exciting ways of developing these areas. You will also help with the organisation of our Eisteddfod 2023 alongside Mrs Nicol. You will also have some responsibility for the ‘Music box section’, ‘Art box’ and ‘Thought for the week’ section that are on the weekly newsletter. This minister will work closely with Miss Aucock, Mrs Ellis, Mrs Walker and Mrs Nicol.

Our new Pupil Parliament is:

Prime Minister – Dimana

Deputy Prime Ministers – Nancy and Jackson

ECO & Charities Minister – Ollie S

Deputy ECO & Charities Ministers – Alba-Mae and Amber

SMSC Minister – Esta

Deputy SMSC Minister – Isaac

Sports, Health and Well-being Minister –Darcey

Deputy Sport, Health and Well-being Minister – Charlie


House Captains

Each house team has elected house captains.

The new houseteam captains will be elected in September 2023