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Mental health and Well-being

‘Emotional health and wellbeing is the emotional resilience that enables us to enjoy life and to survive pain, suffering and disappointment. It is a positive sense of wellbeing and an underlying belief in our own worth and of others. Emotional health and wellbeing is embedded in social relations built upon social skills that are developed from birth.’ (Elizabeth Hartley-Brewer, 2001)

In other words it's about:

‘Children and young people feeling good, feeling that their life is going well and feeling able to get on with their daily lives’

Offenham C.E. First School offers a happy, safe and caring environment where children are enabled to thrive. We have a unique family atmosphere where each child and every member of staff is valued as a child of God. As a small church school, we develop a knowledge and understanding of Christianity and foster a respect for other people, their beliefs and world views. We use our values to help develop and transform the lives of all who come to our school.

We have a Pupil Parliament Minister for Sport, Health and Well-being, a Governor responsible for Safeguarding - Mr Steve Webb. A governor responsible for the Mental Health and Well-being of children and staff - Rev Neil le Tissier.

Pete our Pastoral worker comes into school every Thursday afternoon to work with some of our pupils and occasionally leads assembly.

We want all of the children at our school to develop positive self-esteem, self-awareness and self-confidence so that they can play an active part in school life; we want them to feel valued and become valuable members of the communities to which they belong.