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Meet The Staff

Offenham CE First School 


Headteacher - Mrs Jayne Nicol (DSL)

Designated person responsible for children looked-after and children previously looked-after - Mrs Jayne Nicol

Assistant Headteacher - Mrs Liz Daniels (DDSL)

Prevent Lead - Mrs Liz Daniels

SBM - Mrs Angelika Newton

Administrative assistant – Ms Ceri Lewis (Fridays only)

Art Lead -  Mrs Tabi Ellis

Computing Lead –  Mr Jack Blenkinsop

D&T – All staff

English Lead/Assessment – Miss Gemma Aucock (DDSL)

Maths Lead – Mrs Hollie Johnson

Music Lead - All staff

SENDco – Mrs Clare Stockford (DOWMAT)

Science Lead - Mrs Jayne Nicol

MFL Lead– All KS2 staff

Online Safety Lead - Mrs Jayne Nicol

PE Lead – Mr Jack Blenkinsop

PSHE/RSE Lead - Mrs Jayne Nicol

Geography and History Lead – Mrs Liz Daniels

RE Lead – Mrs Harriet Butcher (in school Wednesday's only)

SMSC/Worship Lead – Mrs Jayne Nicol

Avon class- Early Years/Y1 Team– Mrs Hollie Johnson, Mrs Theresa Roden 

Malvern class - Y1/2 Team – Mr Jack Blenkinsop, Mrs  Bev Walker and Mrs Julie Blackbrough

Cotswold class – Y3/4 Team – Mrs Tabi Ellis, Mrs Liz Daniels, Mrs Denise Bindley

Severn class – Y4/5 Team – Miss Gemma Aucock, Mrs Becky Belcher and Mrs Clare Hodge

Lunchtime supervisors – Mrs Becky Belcher, Mrs Jill Hackling, Mrs Mel Taylor

Pastoral worker - Mr Pete English 

Governors – Mr Richard Arthur (chair), Mr Richard Crook (vice-chair), Mrs Hollie Johnson, Mrs Jayne Nicol, Mr Martin Corck, Mr Steve Webb, Mr Alex Enstone, Mr Neil Le Tissier and Dr Martin Penny

Clerk to Governors – Mrs Amanda Webb