Sport Relief

On 13th March, Miss Kay planned a sporty day for Comic Relief.

In our houses, we had to earn points. We went round the mile track and after, we did an activity. The whole school took part.

As a team, Emeralds came first with 9 points and Rubies came second with 8 points.

Sapphires came in third with 7 points.

Class results were:

AVON: 1st Emeralds, 2nd Rubies, 3rd Sapphires

MALVERN: 1st Sapphires, 2nd Rubies, 3rd Emeralds

COTSWOLD: 1st Rubies, 2nd Emeralds, 3rd Sapphires

SEVERN: 1st Emeralds, 2nd Sapphires, 3rd Rubies


By Molly, Ella, Becky & Lucy

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