Netball Fixture - Offenham v The Littletons

On 30.11.17 Offenham took an A and B team over to The Littletons for a y4/5 netball fixture. 

Daniel B was the first to score for Offenham after some lovely passing and moving from all. Millie F demonstrated some fantastic marking throughout the quarter. Lily T made some great attempts on target. 

The next goal was from Johnny S who scored a composed and tactful goal. More great passing and moving by all. 

In the third quarter, Littleton upped the anty and scored 3 beautiful goals after testing Offenham's marking skills. Lily T demonstrated great defending. 

Finally, Will P scored a fantastic goal from the edge of the D putting both teams at an equal score. But finally, Littleton scored again to bring the score to 4-3. 

Well done to all of those involved, you were absolutely fantastic, it was a great game to watch. 


Team A - Louie, Daniel, Ella P, Molly, Will, Lucy and Lily 

Team B - Samson, Millie, Charlie, Johnny, Max and Darci

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