Football Match v Ashton Under Hill

On Wednesday Ashton Under Hill came to Offenham for a football fixture. 

Finley, Ben and Dylan wrote a match report for the game...

"On Wednesday Ashton school came to Offenham for a football match. Ashton scored in the first minute so it was 1-0 to them. At half time Offenham had scored because ben passed the ball to Finley and he scored. But unfortunately the score was 3-1 to Ashton. In the second half it was then 4-1 but Offenham scored to make it 4-2. Minutes later Offenham scored to make it 4-3 and about a minute later the game finished. 

At the end of the game we did penalties but Ashton won these. Then we had biscuits and orange juice followed by a picture and hip, hip, hooray to finish. 

At the end the score was 4-3 to Ashton, but we all had a great time." 


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