Blackminster Football Tournament

On Friday 20th April, Offenham attended the annual Blackminster football tournament. 

We took with us an A and B team. 

Each team played in a seperate league against other schools. 

 A Team: 

Marcus, Louis, Charlie, Will, Ethan, Lucy and Lily 

Match 1: Offenham 0-0 Badsey

A fantastic game to start the tournament. Great passing from Marcus and Ethan, superb defending by Lucy. 

Match 2: Offenham 0-0 Bengeworth

Brilliant defending by Lily and Lucy, great tracking back and marking from Charlie. Ethan demonstrated super dribbling and ball control. Marcus proved to be a solid, reliable defender and prevented many of their opportunities to score. Offenham had a chance to score with a penalty, but Bengeworth's goal keeper made a brilliant save. 

Match 3: Offenham 0-0 Cropthorne 

This was a close game, Cropthorne came close to scoring by Ethan executed a briliant clearance to get Offenham out of danger. Some fantastic tackling from Marcus which was followed by a superb goal keeping performance from Will. Marcus took a free kick but Cropthorne's keeper made a good save. 

Match 4: Offenham 0-1 The Littletons 

Great defending from Louis and Lily stopped Littleton from scoring early on. The Littletons managed to score a brilliant goal after some good passing. Charlie demonstrated his brilliant marking and came back to defend and support the rest of the team. 

Match 4: Offenham 0-0 Holy Redeemer

Some fantastic goal keeping from Will prevented Holy Redeemer from scoring any goals. Great positioning and defending by Lucy. 

Well done to all children in the A team!

B Team: 

Ella, Oskar, Toby, Max, Samson and Matthew 

Match 1: Offenham 1-0 Pebworth

Great teamwork displayed by team B early on, leading to Samson having an opportunity to shoot on target and reach the back of the net! Brilliant passing between Samson, Max and Ella. Matthew and Oskar were solid at the back in defence, leaving Toby with little to do! 

Match 2: Offenham 0-0 St Andrews

Toby made a brilliant save early on. Samson had a few shots on target, but St Andrews' keeper made some lovely saves. Oskar was solid at the back, with some good, strong tackles. Brilliant clearance by Matthew.

Match 3: Offenham 0-3 St Nicholas 

St Nicholas had a very strong start to the game, scoring early on. Great defending by Max, but Offenham found it tricky to stop St Nicholas from finding the net. Samson made a lovely attempt at goal, but unfortunately it went wide. Oskar kept up the intensity in defence and stopped a goal with a great tackle. 

Match 4: Offenham 1-0 St Barnabus

Great defending from Max and Matthew. Toby made some great saves. Some brilliant battling from Ella up front, but unfortunately didn't manage to get a goal. A lovely pass from Ella to Samson's feet who managed to do a lovely cross and score a goal!

Match 5: Offenham 1-0 Honeybourne

Fantastic play by all. Samson managed to get a goal in early. Some great saves by Toby. 

Semi Final: Offenham 0-3 St Barnabus

Offenham B did extremely well to make it to the semi-finals! Unfortunately Offenham couldn't stop St Barnabus from passing and scoring. A great display by both teams. 

Well done to all children in the B team!




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