Thursday 2nd April

Good morning everyone.

Who is finding our new way of life a bit challenging?

I had a difficult day on Tuesday – I had to try really hard to motivate myself to get my tasks done. The first week of ‘lockdown’ was a bit of a novelty and I enjoyed the change and the challenges it brought. The lovely weather helped to encourage me to get things done but this Tuesday was a bit more of a challenge. The weather had changed, I felt a bit grumpy and I was missing all of you and all of my friends.

When I spoke to the teachers last night some of them had experienced a day like the one I had on Tuesday and I think some of you have been feeling the same way too.

Tuesday was not good for me but Wednesday was so much better and today is going to be even better. Sometimes we have to make an intentional choice to change things for the better – to have a more positive outlook, to make a decision to say and do the right things despite our mood, to look for the good and not focus on the negatives, to focus on what we have and not on the things we don’t have.

One of the quotes I used last week was, “out of difficulty comes opportunity”

On Tuesday evening when I felt a bit grumpy I received an advert into my inbox about learning a language. I am welsh but not a welsh speaker; I went to an English speaking school and learned welsh just as you would learn french. Recently, a lady has moved into my village, we’ve become good friends and she is a welsh speaker. We can have a basic conversation but I want to master welsh, so on Tuesday evening I signed up to the course to learn to be fluent in welsh.

I have to say that I am loving it. I did two lessons on Tuesday evening and when I finished I felt so much better. I’d forgotten about myself and was absorbed in something I loved doing. I would encourage you to take time to do something you love today (apart from your home learning). Play the piano, get creative with your art and craft resources, ride your bike, play football, dance, dig the garden, read your favourite book, write a story, do gymnastics, call a friend and have a long chat, go for a walk, sit in the garden and listen to the bird song or just ‘be’.

I hope you have a good day. Let me know what you get up to. Send me an email and tell me what you've been up to or send a photograph of you doing something you love.

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