'Grill a vicar'

In our assemblies we have been learning about the early life of Jesus. When he was twelve he visited the Temple and spent time chatting with and questioning the wise teachers there. Together we thought about how important it is to ask questions – to question everything - and so, during one assembly session all the children across school got into pairs – Severn children with Malvern children and Cotswold children with Avon children and in their pairs they had to work together to come up with at least three questions they could ask Father Timothy. They could be any questions; they could be as diffcult as they wanted them to be. The children all thought of ‘vicarish’ questions rather than questions about what would be the best things to include in a kebab for the BBQ or why does it always rain in Wales.

I collected all the questions and Father Timothy took them away. He looked at all the questions and grouped them together – there were 25 different groups of questions and on Monday this week Father Timothy came into school for a ‘grill a vicar’ session – I did ask Father Timothy if he had a gorilla suit and was disappointed when he came in his dog collar. He did however bring a grill – and again I was disappointed because he didn’t use it to create a fire or an explosion as he is quite well-known to do.

He answered three of the questions at Church on Friday at our end of half term service and will come back after half term to answer the rest.


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