Severn Class Optional Home Learning in the Summer Holidays

Happy holidays to you all and thank you to those children who gave a card and/or gift at the end of term. They are much appreciated.

For optional summer learning I am copying the national academy links below, as well as the White Rose Maths link for maths practice or catch-up: or You could choose a subject and lessons to complete each day.

White Rose Maths have put together some parent workbooks for years 1 to 6 which you might like to download and print off over the summer. They have put them into blocks for Autumn and Spring but can be used now or to help them next year. If you feel your child would benefit from some extra practice then please check out this link:

If possible, daily reading would be fantastic during the holidays and the practice of times tables for maths. Do also check out the proposed arrangements letter from Mrs Nicol at the bottom of the Severn Class page on our school website for starting back on Thursday 3rd September. 

Enjoy a great summer and stay safe.

Looking forward to seeing you all in September,

Best wishes,

Mr Holley