Severn Class Home Learning

Tuesday 5th January

Good morning Severn class and happy new year!  Thank you to those of you who ahve sent me a photograph or writing about Christmas to test our email system. It works! It was so nice to read your message and look at photographs yesterday. So sorry that we can't be together yet due to the lockdown restrictions announced only last night. For now learning will need to take place at home. Please email your completed work to me individually at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and please avoid responding to the class email thread as each message will 'stack up' as a group and will be very difficult for me to track. Separate emails will be much easier for me to respond to. Thank you. 

For today's learning I would like you to write a recount of your Christmas holiday, what you did in the build up to Christmas, what happened on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day and what family you managed to see. Also tell me about anything else you did (e.g. sledging in the snow) and how you celebrated new year (even if you don't celebrate Christmas please write about what you did over the holiday period).

For maths please check out the Oak Academy website at and take a look at lesson 4: To find unit fractions of a given quantity, watch the 17 minute video and complete the worksheet.

Aim to complete some reading too and if you have completed a book write a short book review about it.

For science this afternoon please check out the video on all about Katherine Johnson, a famous scientist and aim to complete the worksheet having watched the video carefully.

Make sure you wrap up warm and aim to get some fresh air too, go for a walk and play a game e.g. how many cars of a particular colour can you spot? Or the alphabet game-go through the alphabet and choose a category e.g. boys names or girls names or places and try to name one of each using every letter of the alpabet. 

Stay positive and do as much as you can do. Remember these are difficult circumstances for everyone. Simply do your best and have a go! Stay safe.

I will be in touch with a more detailed plan later today.

Best wishes,

Mr Holley