Meet The Staff


Offenham CE First School 

Staffing structure – January 2021


Headteacher - Mrs Jayne Nicol (DDSL)

Assistant Headteacher - Mrs Elizabeth Daniels (DDSL)

SBM - Mrs Angelika Newton

Administrative assistant – Ms Ceri Lewis (Fridays only)


            Art, D&T and Music Lead – All staff

            Computing Lead/E-safety Lead – Miss Hollie Ree

            English Lead/Assessment – Miss Gemma Aucock (DDSL)

            Maths Lead – Mr David Holley (DSL)

            SENDco – Mr Michael Brown

            Science Lead - Mrs Jayne Nicol

            MFL – Mrs Steward

            PE Lead –Miss Hollie Ree

            PSHE/RSE, Geography and History – Mrs Elizabeth Daniels

            RE Lead – Mrs Harriet Butcher

            SMSC/Worship Lead – Mrs Jayne Nicol


            Avon class- Early Years Team– Miss Hollie Ree - Theresa Roden - Mrs Denise Bindley (SSA - FT), 

            Malvern class - Y1/2 Team – Miss Gemma Aucock –Mrs Tabi Ellis (PT) 

            Cotswold class – Y3/4 Team – Mr Michael Brown, Mrs Elizabeth Daniels – Mrs Julie Blackbrough (PT), Mrs Beverley Walker(PT)

            Severn class – Y4/5 Team – Mr David Holley – Mrs Lisa Steward (PT) Mrs Beverley Walker (PT)

            Lunchtime supervisors – Mrs Becky Belcher, Mrs Denise Bindley, Mrs Jill Hackling, Mrs Mel Taylor

           Cleaning Team – Miss Claire Candy

Governors – Mr Richard Arthur (chair), Mrs Lisa Farmer (vice –chair), Mrs Laila Cielava, Mr Richard Crook, Mrs Jean Wardle, Mrs Elizabeth Daniels, Mrs Jayne Nicol, Mr Andrew Macgrann, Mr Steve Webb, Mr Alex Enstone, Mr Neil Le Tissier.

Clerk to Governors – Mrs Amanda Webb